Know About Us

GR Stores has been synonymous with fresh, delightful & home-made products in the Southern part of Bangalore for over 5 decades!

Born in 1972, the brand draws deeply from its place of origin Karnataka. The richness and diversity of the Karnataka state is reflected in the quality and range of GR Stores products. 

Perfected for over 45 years, the exclusive range of over 4000 food products is nourishing and wholesome and is crafted with as much love and care to delight every home – just as it was 100 years ago.

The customers can now enjoy the brand’s well-loved food products such as rava idly mix, puliyogare gojju, oils, flours, snacks, savouries & many more!!

Our Passion

To enhance the sales and usage of home-made products and to increase the awareness of benefits associated to using home made products on a day to day basis.

Home made products are the ones which do not use any preservatives or chemicals.   We prepare it and store it in the most natural ways possible.